folx. is a group of experienced IT and business professionals

who partner with you to create, develop and deliver advanced IT solutions tailored to your needs, always measured by tangible results.

Services - Broad Field of Expertise

folx. provides practice-driven services and projects based on twenty years of experience in IT, digital, marketing and engineering. You can entrust your system and infrastructure to folx. in the following areas:

  • Digital Infrastructure Mastery. Experience top-tier digital performance through our expertise in managing complex infrastructures, optimizing website loading speeds, and implementing paywall solutions.
  • Cutting-edge Innovation. Lead the digital evolution with pioneering solutions including AI-driven recruitment tools. Stay ahead with multi-tenant portals, and APIs that streamline communication across platforms.
  • Seamless Technology Integration. Elevate operations with our comprehensive integration capabilities. We excel in integrating systems with "on premise" solutions, CMS systems with online stores, and backend software with external services.
  • Cloud Empowerment & Security. Unlock the potential of the cloud with our Cloudflare expertise, ensuring security and scalability in full infrastructure management.

folx. uses


  • CSS3CSS3
  • ReactReact
  • VueJSVueJS
  • Tailwind CSSTailwind CSS


  • PythonPython
  • djangoDjango
  • FastAPIFastAPI
  • PostgreSQLPostgreSQL
  • NginxNginx


  • GitLabGitLab
  • GithubGithub
  • Azure DevopsAzure Devops
  • AnsibleAnsible

Taking the load off your system

folx. is an ensemble of industry veterans with a rich history in IT, engineering and business. Our past experiences not only equip us with technical proficiency but also with the insights to see beyond the obvious, helping us foresee challenges and opportunities.

folx. proudly supports and partners with

  • Food Reserve
  • Blazity
  • LinkGroup
  • Iberion Group
  • Złote Tarasy
  • Reckitt

folx. team conducted a thorough analysis of the client's existing system, provided comprehensive project management services and delivered a tailored solution that automated the entire migration process from start to finish.

Paweł Klejmont, Board Member, LinkGroupPaweł Klejmont, Board Member, LinkGroup

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