Our process - How folx. works?

folx. emphasizes a holistic and data-driven approach to IT solutions, with a strong focus on both understanding the problem deeply and providing the technical capabilities to implement and support solutions.


We have an in-depth approach to problem-solving, meaning we thoroughly analyze and understand the issues that require solutions. This suggests we take a comprehensive and detailed approach to addressing our clients' needs.

  • thorough analysis
  • extensive research
  • data collection


    We immerse ourselves in data and are confident in our ability to assess situations using quantitative analysis. This indicates that we rely on data-driven insights to make informed decisions and recommendations.

    • solution mapping
    • data modelling
    • securing assets

    folx. team conducted a thorough analysis of the client's existing system, provided comprehensive project management services and delivered a tailored solution that automated the entire migration process from start to finish.


      We have the competencies and resources to implement and support optimal IT/Digital solutions. This suggests that we not only provide consultation but can also develop and maintain IT solutions, both hardware and software, to address our clients' needs effectively.

      • project management
      • solution development
      • implementation

      Folx. Hyper Resources has increased the client's efficiency in terms of managing costs while delivering the required outcomes. The team has implemented an effective CI/CD system to streamline their development process and ensure that their code is always up-to-date.

      • Development. folx. creates sophisticated technology driven by the quality of the user experience

      Our values - Holistic Approach to Customer Collaboration

      In essence, our company is more than just an IT consultancy; we are a community of passionate individuals who value people, precision, and progress. If you're as passionate about these values as we are, we invite you to learn more about our story and how we can help you achieve your goals in the ever-evolving world of technology. Together, we can make remarkable things happen.

      • Business Safety First. Our holistic approach is rooted in our dedication to understanding our clients deeply, using our rich experience, and leveraging the expertise of our MBA-trained business analysts. We believe that by working hand-in-hand with our customers, fostering open communication, and always striving for excellence, we can achieve outstanding results that stand the test of time.
      • Proactive Solution Tailoring. We believe in being proactive, not reactive. Our initial interactions with our clients aren’t just about gathering a list of requirements but understanding the core of their business challenges.
      • Business Analysts with an Edge. Possessing business analysts with MBA degrees sets us apart. These are individuals who do not merely understand software but also the intricate dynamics of business. They bridge the gap between technology and commercial needs, ensuring that our solutions not only work flawlessly but also align with your business goals.

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