Case Study - Backend Infrastructure Enhancement for a Recommendation Platform in Partnership with Blazity

Empowering an AI recommendation platform with robust backend capabilities, folx. transformed a software development firm's existing infrastructure into a seamless, high-performance system.

Development and Support

Our client, a renowned software development company, had already laid the groundwork for an AI recommendation platform using PostgreSQL, Hasura, and NextJS for frontend operations. However, the system was missing crucial functionalities such as user login, registration, profile operations, and interactions with the data. Additionally, the platform's speed when querying data needed a boost.


Backend Support

folx. undertook the challenge to provide complete backend support. Our primary objectives were:

  1. Evaluation of the Existing Data Structure

    : Before introducing any changes, we thoroughly assessed the current data structure. This allowed us to identify inefficiencies and areas of improvement.

  2. Optimization for High Volumes

    : Given the nature of AI recommendation platforms, we understood that the system would be dealing with significant amounts of data. We tweaked the data structure to handle high-volume traffic without any hitches.

  3. User Operations

    : We integrated the essential user functions like login, registration, profile operations, and facilitated seamless user interactions with the platform's data.

24/7 Reactive Support

Understanding the critical nature of the platform, we provided 24/7 reactive support. This ensured that any potential hiccups could be addressed promptly, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Security & Updates

With vast amounts of user data being processed, security was of paramount importance. We not only addressed and rectified existing security concerns but also ensured the platform's resilience against potential threats. Alongside, we continuously updated and customized the software resources, ensuring the platform was always in its prime.


folx.'s intervention transformed the AI recommendation platform. Our efforts culminated in a system that operates seamlessly and flexibly. Not only were the missing functionalities integrated, but the platform's overall efficiency and speed were also significantly enhanced.


  • PostgreSQL
  • Hasura
  • AWS

Knowledge of complex backend solutions was crucial, and FolxIt delivery exceeded expectations. They are the highest IQ engineers I have ever had the opportunity to work with. Also, they are dedicated to the client and always responsive. They are an exceptional team of engineers who can help you deliver complex backend features and tasks on time.

Paweł Dadun, Founding Partner at Blazity
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