Case Study - Migrating to a Static HTML Solution for Cost Efficiency

When faced with the challenge of an expensive, inflexible CMS, Link Group turned to folx. for a pioneering solution, resulting in lightning-fast web performance and substantial cost savings.

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Optimizing web infrastructure is essential for businesses to maintain agility, reduce costs, and ensure a seamless user experience. This was precisely the challenge that Link Group, a top-tier tech consultancy firm, faced with one of its clients. The client's robust but costly content management system (CMS) was becoming a financial burden, and a more efficient solution was sought.

Enter folx., a cutting-edge tech solutions provider. With our innovative approach and specialized tools, we took on the challenge to migrate the client's dynamic CMS to a more cost-efficient static HTML combined with an optimized content experience management solution.

The Challenge:

Link Group's client was relying on a high-maintenance CMS that was not only expensive but also lacked the flexibility required for today's dynamic web environment. The need was clear: find a solution that would reduce costs without compromising on performance or functionality.

Our Approach:

1. Thorough Analysis of the Client's Existing System:

Before proposing any solutions, the folx. team delved deep into understanding the client's existing CMS infrastructure. This helped us identify potential bottlenecks, redundancies, and areas of optimization.

2. Comprehensive Project Management Services:

Folx. believes in a holistic approach. Our project management team ensured that every phase of the migration was meticulously planned and executed. From setting clear milestones to regular check-ins, we ensured that the project stayed on track.

3. Tailored Automation Solution:

Understanding that a simple migration wouldn't suffice, folx. developed a unique tool tailored to this specific challenge. Our holistic tool automated the entire migration process, transforming dynamic CMS content into static HTML pages while integrating with an optimized content experience management solution.

The Outcome:

1. Flexible and Optimized Solution:

With the migration complete, Link Group's client now boasts a website that is both flexible and optimized for performance. The static HTML pages ensure lightning-fast load times, while the integrated content management solution offers the dynamic capabilities they need.

2. Significant Reduction in Monthly Costs:

One of the primary objectives of this project was cost reduction. By moving away from the expensive CMS, Link Group's client has seen a drastic decrease in their monthly operational costs, translating to substantial annual savings.

3. Enhanced Security with Static HTML:

Unlike systems that rely on backend services, static HTML websites are inherently more secure as they reduce the surface area for attacks. Without the complexities of databases, plugins, and dynamic scripting, the risk of vulnerabilities such as SQL injections and cross-site scripting is significantly diminished.


The collaboration between Link Group and folx. showcases the power of innovative tech solutions in addressing real-world business challenges. By understanding the client's needs, leveraging our expertise, and developing specialized tools, we were able to provide a solution that no other company could. This project not only resulted in significant cost savings for the client but also set a benchmark for what's possible in the realm of content management and web optimization.


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folx. had successfully delivered a flexible and optimized solution that significantly reduced the client's monthly costs within an extremely short timeframe.

Paweł Klejmont, Board Member, Link Group.
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