Clean Audio, No Hassle! Folx. Launches SwearAway, A Groundbreaking Audio Editing Solution

by Folx Team, Folx

Today marks the official launch of SwearAway, an innovative app set to revolutionize the audio editing landscape. Tired of unexpected swear words or sensitive information ruining your perfect audio tracks? SwearAway has you covered with its cutting-edge solution designed to automatically silence unwanted words in multiple languages.

SwearAway is a leading-edge audio editing app designed to automatically silence unwanted words in multiple languages. With its efficient and flexible features, SwearAway is set to redefine the audio editing experience for users worldwide.

Multi-Language Support

SwearAway sets itself apart with its unparalleled multi-language support. The app automatically silences swear words in English, Polish, German, Spanish, and Ukrainian, catering to a diverse global audience.

Quick Editing

Say goodbye to hours of manual searching and editing. SwearAway allows users to edit extensive content in just minutes, providing a seamless and efficient editing experience.

Customizable Transcription Window

The customizable transcription window is a game-changer. Users can click on any word in the transcription to silence it instantly, making it perfect for removing names or other sensitive information without the hassle of manual editing.

Add Your Own Words

SwearAway isn't limited to just swear words. Users can add a custom list of words that they'd like silenced from their audio, giving them complete control over the content.

How It Works

1. Upload Your Audio: Simply drag and drop your audio file into the SwearAway app.

2. Automatic Detection: SwearAway scans your content, identifying potential words to be silenced.

3. Review & Edit: See the transcription and click on any word to silence it. Add or remove words from the custom list as needed.

4. Export & Share: Once satisfied, export the cleaned audio and share it with the world!

Watch the DEMO

Why Choose SwearAway?

  • Efficient: No more tedious manual editing. Get clean audio in a fraction of the time.

  • Reliable: Advanced algorithms ensure that unwanted words are accurately detected and silenced.

  • Flexible: From podcasts to interviews, SwearAway is perfect for any audio content.

"SwearAway is not just a tool; it's a revolution in audio editing. We understand the importance of clean and professional audio, and our app is designed to make the process efficient, reliable, and flexible," said Krzysztof Koziarek, CTO at SwearAway.

Don't let unwanted words ruin your audio experience. Join SwearAway today and experience the future of audio editing!

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